DJ Services

DJ Services

DJ Services 

Weddings, Proms, Birthday Parties & Private Functions 

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Vale for money 

No other entertainment comanys provides as good a service for the same (or less) money as we do.

Quality sound system

Our sound system provides hi-fi sound at any volume. We don’t crank it up, we don’t make ears bleed and we won’t deafen any grandparents. We do make sure that the music you choose sounds so good (and is just loud enough), that everyone gets up to dance.

State of the art lighting

We don’t use 70’s cheeseboxes, we don’t use cheap lights. We use high tech, DMX controlled laser style lights, LED moving lights and colour washes to create a fantastic, party vibe which gets everyone on the dance floor, having fun and enjoying themselves.

 Tried and tested equipment

All our equipment is PAT tested, so it’s safe and legal. We only use high grade, professional quality gear (RCF, Pioneer and Denon) which is known for its reliability. It goes without saying that we always have backup equipment just in case!

You choose the music

We want you to have a great time…and we want your guests to have a great time – what better way than allowing you to choose the music you actually want to hear! We send out a song request portal to all of our clients. And don’t worry…you get to see them all first, just in case anyone requests the Birdy Song! Rather not have the hassle? That’s ok, leave it to us (and our years of experience) and we’ll play just the right mix of old and new to keep the party going.

Smart, friendly, polite and experienced DJs

We have over 5 years experience running discos, so you can rest safe in the knowledge that there won’t be any awkward silent pauses, fumbled mixes, bangs or pops! We’re always smartly dressed, friendly and polite – and we know how to interact with guests. We also have a policy of not constantly talking over songs…it’s really annoying isn’t it!?

Free consultation

We always take the time to meet with you before your event. We use this time to plan every detail of your disco – from the background music through to the first (or last) dance. It also gives us a chance to get to know you slightly better. We always visit the venue too, this gives us the opportunity to check the room, talk to the event organiser about access and plan the setup.

We're cheaper than you think!

If you want to know how inexpensive our service is, click to view our pricing page. We also take major credit and debit cards to make life even easier.

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